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Tony Bennett met his wife before his birth

Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto are among those couples who have a history not really like the others ... Officially, the two spouses met while Susan was 19 years old.

At a concert of the singer, who was then nearly 60 years old, Susan, 19, asked to be able to come behind the scenes. Curious, Tony Bennett said yes. "Not only did I accept her to say hello behind the scenes, but I asked her to be my guest for the evening, and that's how it started," says the singer in his autobiography Just Getting Started, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. This is how the "official" presentations started.

A pre-meeting
In fact, Tony Bennett ended up next to Susan much earlier, when she was not yet born. If the woman of the singer had gone to his concert and go backstage, it was because his parents, Dayl and Marion Crow, had transmitted to him their passion to croon it.

In 1966, they went to a meet-and-greet of Tony Bennett that was held in New York. That night, Dayl and Marion took a picture with the singer and it turns out that Susan's mother was already pregnant with her. "It's a picture that makes us all laugh now, when we know what happened next", details the crooner.

There is no question of letting the difference in age have any impact on their relationship. "I can say that after all these years together, today we no longer pay attention. We are compatible in every way, "says Tony Bennett.

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