23 November 2016 ( 4929 views )

The fabulous destiny of a street cat "inadoptable"

BenBen was collected in a pitiful state last April at a clinic in Canada. The poor cat had a damaged ear, broken bones and wounds all over the place.

"I immediately fell in love with him," explains Sandy Windover, an employee of the clinic.

Unfortunately, after being treated, the cat had to be euthanized. According to doctors, he had too many health problems and was therefore "unadoptable".

A news that broke the heart of Sandy. It must be said that the cat has a look that recalls that of his cousin, the cat potty.

Sandy convinced her companion to collect the feline at home. "He seemed to never have been loved, we had to take care of him," she explains.

A decision that saved the life of the cat who is now very happy in his new home. "He's curious about everything, he wants to love everyone," says Sandy.

Since then, the young woman has decided to create an Instagram account in the matou to sensitize people to the sad fate of some street cats.

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