25 November 2016 ( 25753 views )

He finds a dog buried in a bag in the middle of the Californian desert

It seems that we find all sorts of things when we cross the California desert. Packaging, shoes, bottles ... passers-by are never short of ideas when it comes to leaving waste. So when a man in a car saw a large blue bag lying on the aisle, he was not more surprised than that ... Until the bag began to move. Stopping on the side of the road, he therefore began to carefully open the bag that stirred, according to the local shelter Victor Valley Animal Protective League which published the anecdote on Facebook. What was not his surprise when a terrier dog came out.

Shelters also said the dog was doing well, which means he probably did not spend much time in the bag. "We called this little guy Duff," they add. The lucky animal would have found a family today. Let us hope that His new masters have more humanity than His elders.

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