23 November 2016 ( 23766 views )

A man finds 100 kilos of gold hidden in a house he had just inherited

A man who had just inherited a house in Normandy, western France, had the happy surprise to discover 100 kilograms of gold, worth 3.5 million euros , Hidden a little everywhere, it was learned Tuesday at the hotel of sales of the city.

"There were 5,000 gold coins, two bars of 12 kg and 37 ingots of 1 kg," said Nicolas Fierfort, auctioneer of the Évreux auction house, confirming information from the local press.

The whole thing "extremely well hidden": "it was under furniture, under stacks of linen, in the bathroom ...", said Fierfort. But also in the packaging of a bottle of whiskey or a tin box screwed under a piece of furniture - its first discovery.

It was by moving the house that the heir found the treasure as and when.

Gold was bought legally in the 1950s and 1960s. All certificates of authenticity were found.

The magot was dispersed by the sales room of Évreux from October 30 to November 8, with French and international buyers.

More than the heir, the French tax department could well be the big winner of the case, with inheritance tax at 45%.

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